GTAW Welding

Elimination of Backing Gas in Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steel Welds (HDMTGTAW)

Backing Gas in Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steel Welds

Using High Deposition Metal Transfer Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding (HDMTGTAW) Open root welding of austenitic and duplex stainless steel with gas tungsten-arc welding (GTAW) is typically performed using an inert backing gas for purging, such as argon, to protect the root pass from atmospheric contamination and oxidation. In many cases, using a backing gas for purging […]

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Robotic TipTig Welds at GMAW Speeds

tig welds at gmaw speeds

At the ABB customer day our Robotic TipTig was able to deposit welds at GMAW speeds, much to the surprise of conference attendees. The reason our system can produce TIG welds at GMAW speeds is our patented high-speed wire oscillation technology that agitates the weld pool to increase fluidity and decrease heat. This demonstration was recently […]

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Hotwire TIG Welding Machine Rental

If you are looking for Hotwire TIG welding machine rental look to TIP TIG USA. Our hotwire GTAW welding machines feature a patented wire feed technology that agitates the weld pool leading to the highest disposition rates with much lower fumes and lower heat input. How Our Hotwire TIG Welding Machine Works Our Hotwire TIG welding machine combines […]

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Hot Wire Welding Machines

Tip Tig is a manufacturer of Hot Wire Welding Machines for both both manual and automated process applications. Our Hot Wire GTAW systems are designed to increase weld speed, weld quality and weld efficiency. Our patented system uses a motorized feed wire that guides the feed into the weld pool and agitates the pool. This vibration […]

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GTAW Welding Machines

Tip Tig Provides GTAW welding machines and equipment suited to a number of hotwire GTAW applications. Our patented oscillating wire feed technology makes TIG welding faster and more accurate than ever. This allows for wire feed rates that are 100-300 percent higher that current methods. It also allows for process automation where manual Tig welds […]

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