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TIP TIG Cost Comparison

The following comparison shows the actual savings calculated on a real stainless steel welding application comparing conventional TIG and TIP TIG on a pipe application (2″ Sch 80 Stainless) in the 5G position.

TIP TIG Reduced Costs By Over 60%

Variable / Results Units Conventional TIG TIP TIG Process
 Welding process GTAW GTAW
 Wire type ER308L ER308L
 Wire size 0.0930 0.035
 Wire deposition speed ipm 3.98 75.00
 Melt off rate lb/h 0.48 1.27
 Deposition efficiency  %  100.00%  100.00%
      Deposition rate  lb/h  0.48  1.27
 Duty cycle  %  100.00%  100.00%
      Final deposition rate  lb/h  0.48  1.27
 Gas type  Argon  Argon
 Flow rate  cfh  30  30
      Gas/Wire ratio  cf/lb  63.05  23.62
 Gas price  $/ccf  $7.98  $7.98
 Wire price  $/lb  $5.66  $5.66
 Labor and overhead cost  $/h  $100.00
 Wire purchased per year per
 lb  1
 Number of welding stations  1
Welding Cost per lb of weld
  Wire Cost   $5.66   $5.66
 Gas Cost  $5.03  $1.89
 Labor Cost  $210.16  $78.74
Total Cost  $220.85   $86.29
 Estimated Potential Savings
 Per lb of wire deposited Cost savings per lb $134.56
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