GTAW Welding Machines

Tip Tig Provides GTAW welding machines and equipment suited to a number of hotwire GTAW applications. Our patented oscillating wire feed technology makes TIG welding faster and more accurate than ever. This allows for wire feed rates that are 100-300 percent higher that current methods. It also allows for process automation where manual Tig welds were once used.

Applications for Our GTAW Welding Machines

Our GTAW Welding system was approved by the UA and we have partnered with them to teach this new process.  

“The standard manual GTAW welding process has taken a giant leap forward allowing our UA welders to perform at the highest of levels in this new Tig welding process. Using this new technology, UA members and our signatory contractors will have a significant advantage in the pipe welding industry. With the high quality of welding and up to 600% increase in production, this new process will allow the UA welder and contractor to be successful for many years to come”


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