Hotwire TIG Welding Machine Rental

hotwire tig welding machine - Hotwire TIG Welding Machine Rental

Hotwire TIG Welding

If you are looking for Hotwire TIG welding machine rental look to TIP TIG USA. Our hotwire GTAW welding machines feature a patented wire feed technology that agitates the weld pool leading to the highest disposition rates with much lower fumes and lower heat input.

How Our Hotwire TIG Welding Machine Works

Our Hotwire TIG welding machine combines our patented wire feed technology which creates a vibratory effect on the wire in addition to combining Hotwire current to the filler metal prior to entering the weld puddle. A vibratory effect is created by a forward and backward motion created by our custom wire feed system. The Hotwire welding current is created by a secondary power source within the TIP TIG welding machine.

Rent Hotwire TIG Welding Machines

TIP TIG Hotwire TIG welding machine rental is perfect for customers who want to see how our patented process can improve their bottom line. This gives you the opportunity to “try it before your buy it”. Remember,  TIP TIG is the only Hotwire welding machine capable of delivering optimum fusion-minimum porosity with the unusual benefit of also providing the “lowest possible weld heat” This allows you to attain optimum code quality welds. Our Hotwire TIG welding machine will resolve most alloy weld issues that occur with regular TIG and pulsed MIG.

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