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1 - TIP TIG - United Association PartnershipTIP TIG USA is very proud of our relationship with the UA and its many supporting contractors. The piping market is without question one of the largest markets we serve. It is not surprising that one of the largest skilled trade organization in the world has chosen to introduce our unique technology to their members and supporting contractors. The decision to stay on the leading edge of technology and continually educate and train their workforce has resulted in the development of a UA structured training program sponsored by the International training Fund. The UA International Training Fund has also included the TIP TIG process equipment to be funded through a UA Grant.  For more TIP TIG – UA relations see attached document.  TIP TIG UA PARTNERSHIP

As part of a joint effort between TIP TIG USA and the UA International Training Fund, the TIP TIG Wire Feed Welding Process Course was created, and a mobile TIP TIG Training Rig was built in order to offer this course at various locations throughout the US.

Below are pictures of the TIP TIG Training Rig.  This state of the art training facility has, 1 prep station, 5 TIP TIG  weld booths with both Lincoln and Miller power supplies.

UA TIP TIG Training specialist Justin Forni with Local UA 412 Albuquerque,  New Mexico.


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What does the TIP TIG Process mean to the UA and why is it important for my members?

Productivity and Quality !!!

TIP TIG is a manual GTAW Process that offers numerous weld benefits and is far superior to the manual Tig process. The TIP TIG process will provide superior weld quality and higher deposit rates than any automated or semi automated hot wire Tig system on the market. The process has been proven on all schedules of Carbon, Chrome, Stainless, Duplex, Inconels and many other alloys with unrivaled success. The TIP TIG technology has been embraced, and utilized by many UA contractors in the Petrochemical, Power generation, Offshore and Onshore gas and oil pipeline industries as well as many fabrication facilities throughout North America.

What does my UA Welding Instructor need to register for?

Full Course Title: TIP TIG Wire Feed Welding Process

What is the purpose of the Train the Trainer course?

This 20 hour course is specifically designed for UA Welding Instructors with the focus on learning the manual TIP TIG process and all of the benefits. The goal is to provide a detailed understanding on the GTAW Hot Wire (HW) Feed TIP TIG welding process.  The TIP TIG manual process allows for substantial increase in filler metal deposition while maintaining superior GTAW weld quality.  The limitation of traditional GTAW has always been low productivity and TIP TIG has solved this limitation by joining HW GTAW with their unique technology. This course covers the safety, operation, technology and equipment set-up associated with this type of advanced welding systems.  In addition, the course covers process variables, system control functions, beneficial joint geometries and weld parameter selection for a variety of materials.  Enrollment shall be limited to instructors with a minimum of 5 years of experience with the GTAW/GMAW process. Limited to United Association program participants.

What is Industry Day?

As a part of the class the Training Centers invite interested signatory contractors and customers to a demonstration of the TIP TIG process.  A lunch meet and greet will be hosted from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. A presentation will be given by Juvenal Calvo of Tip Tig USA. The demonstrations will be given by the UA instructors and the newly trained students.

When a member either hosts a Train the Trainer course, or attend a class…your JATC is eligible for the TIP TIG Grant.

For more information or to schedule a training event at your JATC please contact The United Association.

What TIP TIG equipment is included in the UA grant?


For additional information on the TIP TIG process, equipment, future UA training classes or demonstrations see contact below:

Juvenal Calvo – President & UA Business Relations


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