Hot Wire Welding Machines

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Hot Wire Welding Feed System

Tip Tig is a manufacturer of Hot Wire Welding Machines for both both manual and automated process applications. Our Hot Wire GTAW systems are designed to increase weld speed, weld quality and weld efficiency. Our patented system uses a motorized feed wire that guides the feed into the weld pool and agitates the pool. This vibration allows the operator to attain faster speeds and higher quality welds.

Our patented hot wire welding machines also allow for lower gas and smoke emissions that other hot wire GTAW welding processes. This is especially crucial during manual welding processes where ventilation is minimal and personnel exposure is at its highest. We also have a number of hot wire welding machines suited for automation and robotic welds. They boast increased speed and weld quality especially in the areas of pipe cladding and specialty metals.

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