TIP TIG – Future Of TIG Welding

tig welding img 150x150 - TIP TIG – Future Of TIG Welding

Providing unmatched efficiency, weld quality, and ease of use, the TIP TIG is one of the best welding processes across all industries and applications. While this sounds like an outlandish claim, in this article, we will examine what TIP TIG is and how come it offers such good performance compared to MIG and standard AC/DC […]

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Tip Tig will be attending FABTECH 2022 in Atlanta, GA.
November 8-10, 2022

fabtech 2019 546 150x150 - Tip Tig will be attending FABTECH 2022 in Atlanta, GA. <br>November 8-10, 2022

Our booth number is C12267 and we are sharing the both space with a company Intertest. November 8-10, 2022 Tip Tig USA LLC Pass (2)-1

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Achieving Toughness In P91 Welds From Root To Cap


Welding of Grade 91 (9Cr-1Mo-V) chromium-molybdenum steel has presented numerous challenges since its introduction in the 1970s. The gas tungsten-arc (GTAW) process can produce welds of high quality; however, manual welding can be expensive and labor intensive, requiring skilled welders with extreme hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Grade 91 productivity can be increased in either shop […]

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Elimination of Backing Gas in Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steel Welds (HDMTGTAW)

Backing Gas in Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steel Welds

Using High Deposition Metal Transfer Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding (HDMTGTAW) Open root welding of austenitic and duplex stainless steel with gas tungsten-arc welding (GTAW) is typically performed using an inert backing gas for purging, such as argon, to protect the root pass from atmospheric contamination and oxidation. In many cases, using a backing gas for purging […]

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Automation Unit

avc1 150x150 - Automation Unit

Product 10000141 Our Automation TIP TIG equipment is specifically designed for system integrators. Top Features TIP TIG Wire Feeder / Hotwire Supply Interconnects and Cables Input power: 110 VAC 0-10V Interface AVC/OSCILLATION UPGRADE PACKAGE One of the most beneficial aspects about our systems is that it allow you to weld at the lowest welding heat […]

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Compact Vertical Cladding

vertical clad 300x300 150x150 - Compact Vertical Cladding

The TIP TIG Compact Cladding System joints all the power and functionality of TIP TIG into a new design for maximum cost-effective overlay welding on components up to a diameter of 40 in (1.02m) and a maximum weight of 4409 lb (2000 kg). Because of its compact design, the TIP TIG Compact Cladding System is […]

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Pipe & Clad System

pipe clad1 300x225 150x150 - Pipe & Clad System

TIP TIG advanced Pipe Spool Welding Station The TIP TIG advanced spool welding station joins all the power and flexibility of TIP TIG into a complete solution for the production welding of pipe spools including: the attachment of flanges, fittings and valves. Because of its compact design, this welding automation is an extremely powerful system […]

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Compact Horizontal System

flex auto 300x200 150x150 - Compact Horizontal System

TIP TIG BECKHOFF PLC w/ 12″ Touch Screen Interface. Programs include: PIPE TO PIPE PIPE CLADDING ID / OD LONGITUDINAL SEAM WELDING Included Features: Arc Voltage Control, Auto Electrode Adjustment, Oscillation, Single Layer. TIP TIG AUTOMATION Feeder. TIG 500iDC/160HW Built in. Alum Construction with 80x80mm Beams. Overall Size 2150 x 1000 x 1700mm. Heavy Duty […]

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Robo TipTig

robo 150x150 - Robo TipTig

Unique to ABB, this revolutionary new, patent pending technology integrates user-friendly robotics with the TIP-TIG process, enhancing its higher travel speed, lower heat input and better quality welding advantages. The process combines proprietary ABB torch technology and a fully integrated robotic interface. ABB will have a cell outfitted with the TIP TIG Feeder System, a […]

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Field Units

tip tig field units 150x150 - Field Units

PORTABLE, ALL-IN-ONE FIELD UNITS It’s all new, all cased and all powerful. Completely redesigned and packed with our most advanced technology, it will make you rethink what TIP TIG is capable of. Suitable for Low Alloy Steel, Medium Alloy Steel, High Alloy Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Copper, Titanium, Aluminum, 9% Nickel Steel, and Highly heat […]

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