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Unique to ABB, this revolutionary new, patent pending technology integrates user-friendly robotics with the TIP-TIG process, enhancing its higher travel speed, lower heat input and better quality welding advantages. The process combines proprietary ABB torch technology and a fully integrated robotic interface. ABB will have a cell outfitted with the TIP TIG Feeder System, a IRB 2600 robot, a MTD250 workpiece positioner and a Miller Dynasty 350 TIG power supply. It will be producing test components to demonstrate the quality, speed and performance of the TIP-TIG process. The process provides several key advantages over traditional TIG (GTAW) welding, including improved tolerance of joint fit-up gaps, and achieving higher travel speeds and lower heat input with hot wire technology. The solution is ABB’s newest standard function package and can be installed on any of ABB’s IRB140, IRB1600, IRB 2600 and IRB4600 arc welding robots. The integrated interface is generically designed to support the use of Lincoln and Miller GTAW welding power sources. The new function package is designed to be installed in ether a custom welding cell or into the well-established range of standard FlexArc cells. Consideration to the specific welding application and the use of ABB’s simulation package Robot Studio will determine the exact configuration required. The optimum solution will be designed from the library of robots, tables and workpiece positioners.


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This new robotic technology  has been accomplished by the joint activities of ABB, Tip-Tig and Binzel companies

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