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Top Features

  • TIG cold wire and hot wire welding with dynamic wire feed system
  • Dynamic wire feeding for a controllable weld pool even with positional welding:
  • The wire feeding is superimposed in parallel using a forward and backward movement
  • Up to 300 % faster welding speeds compared to TIG welding
  • Up to 400 % improvement in deposition rate
  • Dilution reduced by up to 80 %
  • High process reliability and reproducible welding results
  • Higher welding speed and easy handling
  • Heat supply to the wire for improved deposition rate and an even lower risk of weld errors
  • Perfect weld appearance, no weld spatters
  • 4-Roll drive, Equipped for .030 / .035 / .040 / .045 wires
  • Can be used with any TIG welding machine


Input power: 120 VAC

Applications & Processes: Hotwire TIP TIG. Low-, medium- and high alloyed steel, Duplex, Superduplex, Copper and Titanium, Stellite, highly heat resistant and galvanized materials.

Torch Configurations:

Welding is a profession that can consist of a lot of hard work and manual labor if you don’t have the appropriate tools and resources with which to conduct your welding. One of the most innovative types of systems that has ever been developed to assist with the welding process is all-in-one hot wire TIG equipment. Our all-in-one hot wire TIG equipment makes it much easier for you to conduct welding, especially if you weld on many alloys and other types of metals.

Our all-in-one hot wire TIG welding systems are specially designed to assist you with their updated and innovative arches. The special design of the arches of our manual hot wire TIG welding systems allows the welds to make easier contact with more fluidity. This not only makes for an easier and smoother welding process, but it also results in finished welding products that feature better results than you might have been able to achieve otherwise.

Although our all-in-one systems require some guidance from you, they also help automate the welding process somewhat. This helps make it so that your employees and company can produce more welds at a faster rate, which increases your output and productivity. In turn, this helps you increase your profits and your business’s success.

One of the most beneficial aspects of our systems is that they allow you to weld at the lowest welding heat temperature possible. A major concern with the welding profession is exposure to extreme temperatures of heat. However, with our systems, you can weld at much lower heat temperatures than you would have been able to weld at otherwise. This not only makes it safer for your employees, but it can also help your company save money on any potential lawsuits from workplace accidents.

Regardless of what type of alloys and metals you weld, the systems we offer are sure to assist you. They help you perform with greater efficiency and allow you to possibly increase your business’s success and profitability. Therefore, investing in one of our welding systems is an investment that is sure to offer you numerous benefits over the years.

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