TIG Welding Machine Rental

tip tig rental - TIG Welding Machine RentalDid you know that TIP TIG offers long term TIG welding machine rental? You can now rent any of our TIP TIG welding machines before you make a decision to purchase. We understand that a new welding process can represent a large initial up-front investment. That is why we have developed a new program that allows customers to rent TIP TIG welding machines directly from the manufacturer before your make a decision to purchase one. Feel free to try out our process to see how much it can benefit your projects in terms of welding efficiency and increased weld strength.  We believe that once you try TIP TIG welding system the logical next step will be to purchase one of your own.

Is TIP TIG Welding Machine Rental Right for You?

The TIP TIG welding process uses a our patented wire feed technology that creates a vibratory effect on the wire in addition to applying hotwire current to the filler metal prior to entering the weld puddle. This leads to greater weld quality with lower weld fumes. Our TIG welding machines have been known to increase welding productivity by 200% – 300%.


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