TIG Welding Machines

TIP TIG offers advanced TIG welding machines for a variety of hotwire GTAW welding applications from hand held TIG welders to automated welding machines and robotic hotwire GTAW weld systems. Our TIG welding machines use a patented wire feed technology that speeds weld time and reduces waste.

Portable TIG Welding Machines

TIP TIG Portable Suitcase welding machines give you everything you need to operate a portable TIP TIG welding system in more locations than a regular bench feeder system might be able to. With this system, you can make precision welds that no other machine can match and increase your productivity

Handheld TIG Welding Machines

Our manual hot wire TIG welding machines are specially designed to assist you with their updated and innovative arches. The special design of the arches of our manual hot wire TIG welding systems allows the welds to make easier contact with more fluidity.

Compact Vertical Clad Welding Machines

The TIP TIG Compact Cladding System joints all the power and functionality of TIP TIG into a new design for maximum cost-effective overlay welding on components up to a diameter of 40 in (1.02m) and a maximum weight of 4409 lb (2000 kg).

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