Here are a few things that some of our satisfied clients and welding industry professionals have to say about the TIP TIG process:


“I just wanted to take a quick second to thank-you for the very informative and appreciative site visit with relation to our Gary Fabrication Shop (within BMWC) yesterday.  The entire TIPTIG concept, machinery, and process has been instrumental in helping an initial field supportive Fab shop, slowly but effectively transform to a region contender on all lump sum fabrication projects/estimates within our niche at our facility.  It would be much more difficult, and less attainable without the help of your company and equipment.  It is always good to meet boots on the ground and the Team that visited us yesterday was a perfect example of what it seems like your company stands for.  I cannot thank you enough and look forward to our growing need and relationship with you and your product service.   I enjoyed the time and appreciate all efforts made!”

-Brett Turpin | Production Manager, Fabrication Shop
BMWC Constructors, Inc.


“Jason and I have been using the Sheco-Tig on the production parts ( Blind Flanges and Nozzles) for job 12-0252 s a trial run with the flex head torch. The results are attached. We went from the following:

– manual tig welding these parts at 7 IPM @ the fastest with 200 Amps and 19 Volts (200 AMPS x 19 VOLTS x 60/ 7 IPM= 32.5 Kj/in Heat Input)

– SHECO TIG at a rate of 20 IPM, 200 AMPS and 14 Volts (180 AMPS x 14 VOLTS x 60/ 20= 8.4 Kj/in.)

That is a travel speed improvement of 300% on these parts. With a reduction of total heat input by 75% and the welds are visually superior to the other welds as pictured.” VIEW PHOTO

– Joey A. Foster | Welding Engineer, AWS CWI/CWE/CW
Southern Heat Exchanger Company


“We had a CWI in a few weeks ago to inspect the welds on our prototype pipe. The weld methods inspected include modified short circuit and pulse MIG, TIP-TIG, and plasma. Using ultrasonic inspection he was able to identify small flaws in the MIG welds, very small flaws in the plasma welds, and no flaws in the TIP-TIG welds. When inspecting the TIP-TIG weld he made the comment “This looks autogenous. I can’t get anything to even register in the weld section. 

There is no doubt that you guys have a top notch weld process, and I just wanted to share some positive feedback.”

– Kyle Riedel | Tools Group – Engineer


“TIP-TIG has both the broadest application potential and the lowest investment cost… Whether using GTAW or PAW as the base process, whether manual or automated, the weld quality improvements and profit margin impacts are staggering. I was at the North American rollout … September [2009] in the Philadelphia naval shipyard, and have personally welded with this process and talked to the welding engineers involved – including Siegfried Plasch, the Austrian welding engineer who invented TIP-TIG. There’s a hint: the process isn’t incredible because salesmen say it is, but because welding engineers quickly recognize it as incredible.”

– Brian Dobben, BSMET/WET
Visionary Welding


“The TIP TIG unit is awesome. We just saved over $20,000.00 alone on the first Inconel 625 flange clad job. We had zero weld rework. We are going to order at least 6 more units at the end of the year. I will keep you posted. Regards Joe.”

– Joey A. Foster, AWS CWI/CWE/CW
Welding Engineer, Southern Heat Exchangers


“The greatest benefit that I have seen so far with TIP TIG is the quality—highest quality I’ve ever seen. One of the unique benefits of the TIP TIG welding process is [it has] one process from root to cap versus the traditional processes of MIG and stick, you have to use two or three of those to finish one weld from root to cap.”

– Justin Forni, Welding Director
UA 412, Albuquerque, NM


“Thank you, for the extra effort on our behalf last week. Juvenal was exceptional in the lengths he went to service our shop (staying the extra day) and the extra mile was not lost on us. I expect we will put the new welding technology into production today – already have a bunch of work that it will help us with.”

– Chad J Dooley, Ph.D.
QA Manager, THM Inc.


“It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, everything you said you would do you did, and you don’t always get that. Thank you for sending Juvenal to provide the training, he is very knowledgeable and represented your company very well. He worked very well with our people and made the most of his time here.”

– Rodney Ahrens
Welding and Alloys Specialist
Sterling Boiler and Mechanical, Inc.


“On behalf of all of us…let me extend a sincere THANK YOU for your on-site presentation and demonstration that YOU expressly provided for us yesterday. All in attendance were suitably impressed with the slide presentation, the questions and answers, and of course, the full day of hands-on performance exercises “tuned” to our specific needs. I am particularly most appreciative of your timely response to our initial inquiries…Very well done. You are obviously an accomplished master of reading through our needs and were most candid and honest as to providing us with realistic expectations of the TIP TIG process in elucidating both advantages, disadvantages and when it’s likely to be a wash. The hands on session in our own shop was worth a thousand words. As you say, our experiences can only improve with more arc-on time. At the very least it offers the advantage of nailing down the filler metal addition variable and the fact that it can be coupled to our existing track and orbital heads, while not being TIP TIG products, are options worth further exploration on our part.

You have opened up another world of possibilities for us as we continue looking for solutions to our particular welding issues. I am positively encouraged having been shown your product in such a timely, knowledgeable and thoroughly professional manner.

I am very happy to have met with you and hope that you enjoy the coming FABTECH show in Chicago.”

– Stephen H. Malene
B.S.(Nuclear Eng.), M.S.(Welding Eng.), PhD(Metallurgy)
Lead Construction Welding Engineer
Shaw Project Services Group


“It was a pleasure meeting the both of you yesterday. Tip Tig is by far one of the best investments we have made here at our Fab shop. I will be honest , at first I didn’t think they were worth the money to invest in. Now that we have had our 3 machines for a few years , I could not imagine where we would be without them. Hands down these machines are built with the highest quality in the industry.. We have tried to push these machines to their limits time and time again, and in the end, every time the machine wins over man’s arm and eyes. After meeting the both of you yesterday I realized that Tip Tig has the best of both worlds, great people and, great equipment. Again it was great meeting you both , and I look forward to working with you in the future. If you need anything , please feel free to let us know. Have a Great day, and thanks again for all you do..”

– Keith Nixon | Fabrication Shop Supervisor
BMWC Constructors, Inc.


“Macro-etch specimens turned out beautiful, some of the best specimens I’ve examined, very happy with those results. Tensile results will be back tomorrow or Friday at the latest from our outside lab as we do not have a tensile pull machine in house. (Not expecting any surprises there). Bend tests will be bent this afternoon. I just met with our qualified bend test operator to discuss so those results I should have today before close of business and I’ll update you accordingly. (Again, not expecting any surprises with this test either)”

– Kyle Mullin, CWI | Welding Supervisor/ Engineer
Hamill Manufacturing Company


“Everything is going well.  My welders are picking up the process very quickly.  I’ve been doing a lot of data collection on our GTAW vs. TIP TIG; right now, we are on average double our travel speed, cutting our Heat Input in half, and putting down a larger sized weld.  This is after spending roughly 20 minutes with each welder before they take a timed test.”

– Christopher Waldron


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