Copper Nickel Welding Applications

copper - Copper Nickel Welding ApplicationsCopper Nickel Alloys are commonly specified in heat exchanger or condenser tubes in evaporators of desalination plants, process industry plants, air cooling zones of thermal power plants, high-pressure feed water heaters, and sea water piping in ships. The composition of the alloys can vary from 90% Cu–10% Ni to 70% Cu–30% Ni.

The Cu-Ni welds made without the addition of the deoxidized filler material very often have excessive porosity that is not apparent on the weld surface. For this reason autogenous GTAW welds should be avoided.

Our TIP TIG hotwire technology with our automated hot wire filler metal feeding and the unique agitation to the filler metal is beneficial in the welding of all copper alloys and will significantly reduce or eliminate porosity concerns so prevalent with these alloys. In many cases dissimilar base metals are joined to Cu-Ni and irrespective of base materials…. TIP TIG gets the job done. Give us a call to discuss your application!

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