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New Digital all in one photo 300x300 - How It WorksThe unique TIP TIG weld dynamic slows down the weld solidification process and enlarges the fluid weld area. The TIP TIG weld changes, improve the TIG weld receptivity for higher weld deposition rates. TIP TIG typically enables a 100% to 300% increase in TIG wire feed rates which also allows higher weld current to be used. The resulting faster TIP TIG weld speeds and higher than normal TIG weld energy enables numerous TIG weld quality and productivity benefits.

The TIP TIG Process
The TIP TIG process combines our patented wire feed technology which creates a vibratory effect on the wire in addition to combining Hotwire current to the filler metal prior to entering the weld puddle.

  • The vibratory effect is created by a linear forward & backward mechanical motion created by the custom wire feeder system
  • The Hotwire current is created by a secondary power source within the TIP TIG unit.

How it is Operated
The TIP TIG process is operated by using a standard solid MIG wire, a conventional TIG power supply with a minimum of 350 amps with HF start and trigger hold function.

  • The TIP TIG process does not require the use of a foot pedal.
  • The TIP TIG process can be operated in all welding positions both manually or combined with our automated equipment such as:

TIP TIG Tractor System

  • TIP TIG Extreme Case Portable Feeder System
  • TIP TIG Orbital System
  • TIP TIG Multi-Position Weld Center with Cladding Ability
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