Carbon Steel Welding Applications

carbon steel - Carbon Steel Welding ApplicationsTIP TIG welding is a unique process that allows for exceptional output, particularly when welding carbon steel. With good join ability, mild steel is easy to work with, and represents a cheaper solution that stands out for many customers. While overall weld ability decreases as carbon content rises, the overall strength and robustness when using the TIP TIG process.

There are a number of different benefits to using TIP TIG process for welding carbon steel compared to other methods such as MIG and manual TiG, including:

• Weld speeds of 10 to 45 inches per minute.

• Minimal hydrogen induced cold cracking.

• Lower effective welding temperatures.

• Production efficiency increases of 100-300%.

• Welding cost savings of 50% or more.

When “optimum weld quality is discussed at this site”, it means the ability of a weld process to consistently attain uniform, defect free welds which are subject to stringent 100% X-Ray evaluation. As indicated with this 5G carbon steel fill pass weld on 8 inch pipe, the manual TIP TIG process, used correctly should provide a weld quality, weld continuity and uniformity that is difficult to differentiate from an automated TiG weld.Today there is only one process that is capable with any alloy to consistently meet 100% X-Ray or UT weld quality requirements, that weld process is TIP TIG.

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