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tip tig fighter 400 pic - Aerospace IndustryAerospace manufacturing is a high-technology industry that produces aircraft, guided missiles, space vehicles, aircraft engines, propulsion units, and other related parts such as work holding fixtures and structural supports. Throughout the aerospace industry, the use of Invar 36 (Ni) for structural supports in mold making for aircraft components is very common. The TIP TIG process has been heavily embraced on this alloy for numerous reasons.

Distortion Control
As a result of the low heat input of our hotwire Tig process, the reduction in distortion to these highly critical tolerances on the structural components and molds has been realized throughout the industry, resulting in the reduction of man hours for rework.

Interpass Cleaning
The inherent problem with this high Nickel content on Invar material has been in the interpass cleaning required from using other process such as GMAW. The highly oxidizing nature of the welding processes previously used, has historically required
extensive interpass grinding. The TIP TIG process utilizing 100% Argon produces weldments requiring no more cleaning than that of a wire hand brush to produce 100% X-ray quality welds.

Porosity & Side Wall Fusion
The importance of our TIP TIG patented weld dynamic cannot be overstated in these applications. The cleanliness of our process is realized throughout the weldment, and as a result of our unique agitation to the weld puddle, we experience X-ray quality porosity free welds consistently on all material thicknesses. The surface tension disturbance we create helps eliminate the inherent side wall wetting issues associated with welding on this sluggish allow resulting in the best possible results.

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