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tip tg welder rental - TIG Welder Rental

TIP TIG Welder Rental

TIP TIG provides rental equipment.   TIP TIG USA is the only authorized TIP TIG machine rental dealer in America for rental of the TIP TIG hotwire welding machine. The TIP TIG welder provides a dramatic reduction in the weld heat input and is an excellent choice for short-term, high volume TIG welding.
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TIG Welder Rental Prior to Purchase

Customers who would like to increase there production will benefit from the TIP TIG Welder rental process as well as customers looking to purchase the equipment but need to do try it before you buy it. You can perform a cost-benefit analysis to see how much money you can save using a TIP TIG Welder based on factors like: speed, productivity and consumables.

Long Term TIG Welder Rental

Our long term TIP TIG welder rental option and extended-term lease to own programs offer a unique way for you to utilize the latest TIG welding technology without the capital outlay required to purchase the equipment outright.

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