Automation Unit

Product 10000141

Our Automation TIP TIG equipment is specifically designed for system integrators.

Top Features

  • TIP TIG Wire Feeder / Hotwire Supply
  • Interconnects and Cables
  • Input power: 110 VAC
  • 0-10V Interface


One of the most beneficial aspects about our systems is that it allow you to weld at the lowest welding heat temperature possible. A major concern with the welding profession is the exposure to extreme temperatures of heat. However, with our systems, you can weld at much lower heat temperatures than you would have been able to weld at otherwise. .

Regardless of what type of alloys and metals you weld, the systems we offer are sure to assist you. They help you perform with greater efficiency and allow you to possibly increase your business’s success and profitability. Therefore, investing in one of our welding systems is an investment that is sure to offer you numerous benefits over the years.

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